Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Purse Week- Day 4 Pillowcase Backpack

Today we are heading over to Little Birdie Secrets to make some great EASY pillowcase bags. Rebecca has been dying to make these because she thinks they would be great swim bags. She has been riding her bike to swim team, and several times her bag has fallen off her shoulder and caught up in the spokes of her bike. These backpack straps would be much better for staying on the shoulders!
This will be our afternoon project today..........Come on, I KNOW you have an old pillowcase lying around......YOU CAN DO THIS! We picked up a pack of eyelets over at JoAnne' special tools needed...everything came right in the package. We are going to borrow some of Dad's nice white rope for the straps, I think, or raid the ribbon box.
I don't happen to have a pillowcase handy, so I'm going to stitch up my own from some fabric I've got in my stash. Meet you back here later to show you the results of our effort.

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