Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blossie Bag Reveal!

Here is Rebecca's Blossie Bag, using Annamaria Horner's Chocolate Lollipop fabric. Rebecca says she envisions hers as a bible bag. She added a pencil pocket in the lining.

Here is my bag, using some fabric from a table runner I started, and never finished! I think I might have to fill it with some beach type goodies for a birthday gift for a friend.
Both of us benefited from my mom's compulsive ric rac buying in the 70's....she gave us her huge stash when she was here at Christmas, and it's awesome!

These bags were really easy, and the tutorial was great. It is really spot on, with no trouble spots. I thought my bag, which I made first, was a little too tall, so Rebecca shortened hers a little. It would be very easy to make this bag into whatever size you wanted it to be, just by changing the size of the rectangle you start with. The great thing about this bag, is that it can be made mostly from scraps, making it an economical bag to make. The largest piece you need is 18.5x11 for the lining. It required no purchase of any specialty items except for the interfacing. We used some VERY thick stiff fusible interfacing....it almost had the texture of felt. You could use batting in between the layers if you wanted a stiffer bag.
So.....has anyone made anything yet? Is everyone ready for Friday's giveaway? We'll be drawing names from the comment box for your favorite bag!

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