Friday, June 19, 2009

It's just too stinking hot.

When it is 100 degrees in the shade in the deep South, late June is a fabulous time to start fantasizing about Christmas. Being 5 months pregnant makes it seem even hotter, and given that the newest member of our family will join us shortly before the Christmas holiday, Rebecca and I decided to blog about our Christmas preparations. Our goal is to fill this blog with great creative ideas and tutorials, and hopefully inspire you to get moving toward a season filled with fun, family and friends, great gift ideas and lots of good food.

Each week we will have a different focus. We will be working on gifts, decorations, cards, service projects, meal planning, homeschooling ideas, devotions, and anything else that strikes our fancy. We are also going to be hosting some giveaways on a regular basis, so check in on us often!

So, because this blog is the brainchild of my daughter Rebecca, we are going to start off with some ideas for gifts that teenage girls would enjoy. We brainstormed and made quite a long list of ideas to keep us crafting through the heat!

This week we have christened "Purse Week" that fabric purses seem to be all the rage, it's a great thing to make for a girl. It would even be better if you made one and stuffed it with gift cards, but I digress. If you receive one from us, it will be empty. Sorry. Babies are expensive. Maybe next year.


  1. OK, super cute. I know what the girls and I are working on this week. Thanks for the inspiration Becca!

  2. Thanks for the link to the pattern! That's a cute bag, and I've got some fabric around here ("some? tons!" says my son), and interfacing, excuses. :-)