Sunday, June 21, 2009

Purse Week - Day 2 Pyramid Purse

Today we are going to hop on over to Australia to borrow a pattern from the lovely Nicole Mallalieu. She has many great patterns and supplies on her site....but today we are going to focus on her Pyramid Purse. This is an adorable lined zippered pouch in the shape of a pyramid. I made one today, just to make sure I could do it.......I have no spatial visualization and usually anything that isn't a very basic shape gives me fits!!! After a few tense moments and some quality time with the seam ripper, I figured it out, and will post some photos of the troublesome spots so that you can easily see what to do. Nicole's tutorial is great on it's own, and most of you will probably be able to follow it with little problem....I just require remedial help with the geometry part. I'm special that way.
Australians are extremely creative and there are some awesome patterns coming from that direction.......using the metric system. Sigh. Makes me wish I paid more attention in school....I was convinced it was just a passing fad. So I will do you the fabulous favor of converting the measurements for those of us using good old inches.
Zipper: pattern calls for a 10cm zipper. At Joanne's there was a 12cm and a 15cm (6inch)

I went with the 6 inch zipper.
Fabric: If you use the 6 inch zipper, you want to cut your fabric, lining, and interfacing in rectangles that are 12.5 x 7 inches. This worked perfectly with the 6 inch zipper.
This little purse would look so cute stuffed with nail polish and goodies, or some homemade candy.
Cost: Fabric 2.00
Zipper 1.49
Total: 3.49
Stay tuned to see our fabric choices and finished products!
Thanks Karen for the great idea. Don't forget to read the comments. sometimes people add the greatests twists on the bags! I loved the idea of making them out of screen fabric to make bug houses for little boys!


  1. A cute little tote! I saw the pattern in a magazine made up in screen fabric and used as bug totes. A nice little gift for boys who like crawling things.

  2. I followed your link on TLT. Really, really cute bags! I might have to try this. Thanks for posting the link to the tutorial and your changes.(And your price per bag was really $3.49 :D which is still a great price!)

  3. Karen.....I LOVE the bug boz idea!!!!

    Carissa.........I told you all I was not good at math! Thanks!

  4. Great job! Your sewing skills are terrific and planning out your gifts now is a wonderful idea! My dd and I sew together though summer has us in the garden and pool too. : )

  5. What happened .... none of the links on any sites are working for the pyramid purse
    does anyone still have the pattern for it ???