Saturday, June 20, 2009

Buttercup Bag Reveal!!!

These are the fabrics we chose for our first bag. It only took two fat quarters. A fat quarter is piece of fabric that is 22 x 18 inches. They can usually be purchased for anywhere from 99 cents to 3.00 depending on your fabric. JoAnnes regularly puts them on sale for 99 cents. My favorite quilting shop has a wonderful back room that usually has a big basket of very high quality quilting fabric fat quarters for 99 cents.

Here is mom's bag made from some Sandy Henderson Farmer's Market fabric. Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone, and made a fabric flower. I have attached a link for the tutorial below.

Here is Becca's bag. She decided to make a yo-yo for her embellishment. Here is a good tutorial at Heather Bailey's website on how to make one. They are quite easy, and fun to use to make flowers, headbands, and other goodies.

Here is a blurry photo of Becca's yo-yo. Perhaps when our blog is big and popular, we will have advertisers who will pay us enough money to buy ourselves a really fancy camera. Til then, we are blurry.

Here is a close up of my flower, made from the tutorial at Sew-ritzy-titzy. This was amazingly easy, and addicting to make. We used a fabric covered button in the middle. I attached it to the purse with a safety pin, making it removable if desired.
One handy tip: When I went looking for magnetic closure snaps at JoAnne's I first headed over to where the snaps are located. They had them for (gulp) 4.99 for ONE teensy snap. I then remembered that they had a purse parts section over in the crafts. I checked over there, and they had them for 3 closures for 1.99, which was way more in my price range.
Total cost per bag: 2.75
Time to make: 2 hours
We think these are a great gift....I'd especially love to make some up in Christmas fabric with a red flower.


  1. Your bags look great! Thank you for the link to the pattern.

  2. What a great idea! The bags are turning out wonderful.

  3. Love them!!

  4. They are wonderful! I really like the embellishments too. They are also the perfect siz--most homemade purses tend to be too small or too big for me. Great work!

  5. Beautiful bags!! Well done and I am excited to see more Christmas gift to make for family and friends! I always encourage my children (6 girls, 1 boy) to make gifts for Christmas, so this is great!

  6. These are great purses. On the picture front try backing up away from the purse and zooming in for the embellishment. You might just be too close.

  7. The purses are soooo cute! I love the idea you and your daughter have at making one purse a day and changing themes each week. I need to start doing this (probably can't get one done a day with a 14 month old....who doesn't nap during the day) but atleast one a week would be awesome. Thanks for the great websites and tips. I will be using them soon!

  8. These are fabulous. My daughters would love these. My oldest would probably do great making these. She is very crafty and this is just up her alley. Thanks!

  9. The purses are so cute! Did you use the free smaller size or the larger pattern size for your purses? I'm looking forward to more posts on your blog. It's inspiring me to start early in thinking about christmas gifts.

  10. Karen - Thanks for the compliment! We used the free smaller size for our purses. The finished purse is 11 1/2 inches at it's widest point, and 7 1/2 inches tall. I didn't realize there was a bigger I'm going to have to check that out!

  11. Lesli and Rebecca, these are wonderful purses ~ they turned out great! Thanks so much for sharing. And Lesli, congrats on new baby in the making!

    Pam (from TLT)